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About us

 We appereciate simple solutions so we create an intuitive application that simplifies running your own business. Funnela is unique project, we offer users powerful features of CRM in a friendly way. Over 6 years we extend our system to provide you a single tool for effective management.

What is Funnela - simple CRM?

Funnela is a business application designed for micro and small businesses, operating in a SaaS (ang. Software as a Service, or software as a service). This model allows you to use the application without having to maintain infrastructure, setting up servers or signing a long-term commitment. Access to all data in the system is also possible from a mobile phone or other mobile device.

Effectively manage the sales process!

Funnela is easy to use, modern and efficient online CRM tailored to individual needs and expectations of small businesses.

Funnela CRM
mobilny CRM

Unlimited access to the CRM system

Mobile CRM – you want to have constant access to corporate data regardless of where in the moment you are? Special mobile version can assure you access to important information any time when you neeed. You  only need phone with the Internet.

Grow your business with a simple system CRM Funnela!

Supporting the sales process, organization of the work by delegating tasks, supporting the process of effective communication with customers, analysis of key aspects of the business – the are just some of the many possibilities of our CRM system.

Funnela - prosty CRM

Why you should choose Funnela?

Always the newest version

Through sharing our system as a service (this solution is SaaS), the changes we are making in the application are available for customers on the spot, without having to install a new version of the call to help science. These changes are of course free of charge.

Support group work

How to improve communication within the company? Funnela-simple CRM gives you practical modules. The application allows to assign tasks to individual employees and monitor their progress.

Access mobile

Have access to data on all devices – computers, laptops, tablets or mobile devices. This solutions ensure you access to current sales data of your company placed in Funnela.

For micro and small business

We understand that for professional service you need something more than e-mail program with the address book.  Therefore everything, starting with the modules and ending with the pricing prepared taking into account of small businesses.

Online access 24/7

You can always check the current sales figures, or monitor the progress of tasks performed by employees. Whether you are hundreds of kilometres from the company or just a kilometre – simply log on to Funnela. You gain access to corporate data 24 hours a day, 356 days a year.

Simple, intuitive interface

Thick volumes of documentation you have already set aside in the cabinet. Our CRM is a tool that can run in a few minutes. We give you a application that is simple and intuitive to use.

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