Privacy policy

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The users of the WWW website

Flux Sp. z o.o. being the owner of the and websites, wants to assure its users that it fully respects their right to privacy and personal data protection. We vouch that the details collected during our cooperation with the users of the website will be fully protected. We would also like to remind you, that your safety depends on you too. Keep all your login names and passwords confidential.

The and websites collects your details only to the extent necessary for a professional execution of the transactions. Personal details are stored and edited according to Polish law.

Protection of information

Modern technical solutions that are a part of our web sites ensure the proper protection of all information. The forms and polls filled by you, as well as the process of registration and logging to our databases, is realized with the help of a safe SSL protocol, that increases the protection of internet data transmission.

Changing the details

Owing to the application of a user friendly logging system, we make possible a constant access to the details you provide us with, and to your orders. As a result, you can easily update and complete your details, and, to an extent to which applying procedures allow, correct offers and statements.

In order to get to know your needs better and to prepare an appropriate offer, we use the “cookie file” mechanism. It’s information, that our server stores on your computer’s hard drive. Owing to this, you will be recognized on every connection to the website. The cookies system does not impede the performance of your computer in any way, and you can turn it off anytime, but please remember that “cookies” make your usage of the website easier.

Undesired content

We care for our website not to contain any content violating the Polish and International law, like for instance encouraging racial, ethnic or religious discrimination. The website cannot contain any pornographic content, morally reprehensible or considered immoral.


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