1. How to define the Calendar module?

The events which the user may post using this module should have to have a specific and exact start time and end time. Moreover, events can be cyclical. In contrast to the module Tasks, the module Calendar in Funnela CRM system serves as an agenda. Sample events may relate to both, an official and private matters.

2. Why I cannot see certain events in the calendar?

The Calendar displays events for the currently selected calendars. In the following example, the events from calendars „Personal” and „Victor – The Office” will be displayed, but from the calendar „True Solutions” will not be displayed.

3. Can I display tasks directly from the calendar entry?

To fulfil the wish of our clients, we have added the option to display tasks on the calendar. Now, next to calendar events, the user can display tasks deadlines in a monthly calendar view. You can also create tasks and edit them from the Calendar module.

4. How to add events set at a specific date with a reminder and cyclical events?

To add events set at a specific date and a cyclical event, go to the module „Calendar” and create „New event”. In the window for creating a new event, we can determine the start and the end of our event and choose a person in charge. We can also assign the event to the particular calendar and create the event description. If you want the event to be cyclical, go the last field „Repeat” and select  „Always” or „At specified time”. The event may be repeated using different schemes. You can assign reminders to specific days of the week and to the month. To do this, from the field „How often?” choose the option „a week according to the scheme” or „a month according to the scheme” and determine the days on which the reminder is to be activated.

5. How to add a task to one of the events?

To add a task to an existing calendar event we should find the event that interests us and click on it. On the right side the editing window will appear in which we can add a task to the particular event (related tasks).


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