1. How do I add employees to a business account?

There are two ways to link the personal contacts with the business contacts.

When adding a personal contact, start typing the name of the company for this contact in the field „Company”. After you type the first character, a list of companies will be displayed, it is a list which is currently in your address book. You should choose a company from the list, this will link the selected employee with the selected company.

You can drag (Drag and drop) personal contact into the company – it will link the selected employee with the selected company.

After performing any of the above actions, the selected employee becomes an employee of a specific company.

2. How to display all contacts by default?

When you use Funnela for the first time, the contacts starting with „A” are displayed by default. You can change this by using the menu „Settings” -> „Preferences” and changing the setting of the default filter settings to “all”.

3. How to import contacts?

Funnela allows you to import contacts from popular data export format known as CSV

(Comma Separated Values).

To import your contacts, go to Settings, then select the option „Import Contacts” (Settings -> Import contacts from CSV).

Then select the file you want to import contacts from, file encoding and specify how many lines in this file makes the header. You should also indicate the target group for the imported contacts.

In the next step Funnela will try to identify the types of columns in your files and suggest the appropriate data types. In the column „Header / Sample data” you will see the examples of data from your file, which will allow to tell whether appropriate data type for the column was selected.

After matching the data types with columns file, select „Finish import” at the bottom of the table.

After selecting „Finish import” data will be imported and will become accessible in Funnela.

4. How to add an employee to the company?

To add a new employee to the company, go to the module „Contacts”, then click on „New contact”. In the window that appears, you can define all the details about the employee. In this case, you can use the auto-complete option in the field Company. From the displayed list, select the appropriate company and assign the employee to it.

The second option is to select from the list of Contacts a company to which you want to add a new employee to. When selected, a new window will appear with detailed information about the company. To add a new employee go to bookmark „Other Information”, and click „Create a new employee contact”.


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