1. How to add email account?

The administrator can add new email accounts and assign them to individual users.

How to do it?

Select „Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen

Select „Email Accounts”

Select „Add New Account”

Complete the fields, giving general information, and incoming and outgoing mail server data. This is the same information that you provide when configuring popular e-mail programs such as Outlook Express or TheBat!

First you need to type your account name and specify an e-mail address that will be used in the Funnela programme.

In the incoming account settings, the user must select which Email Protocol (IMAP4 or POP3) will be used. The user should also give the address of mail server. You also have an option to use Protocol SSL. In the next part, user should select the appropriate port (or select the default), enter a user name for the email address and a password. You can also set how often the program will be downloading emails.

Outgoing email account setup runs in the same way as the setup of incoming email account.

If you do not know what to type in, contact your administrator or your email service provider. You can also contact us – we will try to help you. In the Advanced Settings, you can also enable an option „Night saving transfer”.

Select the users who will be using your account and specify their rights (email receiving only, sending emails only, or both). For more information about adding new users, go to section 3.

Choose „Save” option.

Close window settings („X” in the upper right corner of the window)

2. How to personalize email account?

Each user can personalize email account

How to do it?

a) Select „Settings” in the top right corner of the screen

b) Select the menu „My Account”

c) Select the appropriate account by selecting link „Edit”

d) Complete sender details – this will be displayed to recipients of your emails in the „From” or „Sender” data field

e) We recommend that you leave the „Sender Address” field unchanged

f) Add your signature-it will appear under the content of your send emails.

g) Select „Save”

h) Close window settings („X” in the upper right corner of the window)

3. Do I have to give up on my previous email addresses?

No. Funnela can be connected to any, existing email box. Therefore, there is no need to modify the email account settings on the email service provider side, and no need to create new email accounts.

4. Will my email addresses remain the same?

Yes. For example, if you previously used email address, you can still use it without any additional modifications. To use your existing email boxes, you must connect them to the system.

5. Will my emails remain on my mail server?

Yes. Funnela does not delete messages from the connected email accounts.

6. What are the available communication protocols for email?

Receiving email can take place by using POP3 or IMAP4, standard SMTP protocol is used to send emails. These are classic protocols used by popular email programs (such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, The Bat!, KMail)

7. Can the user connect any number of email accounts?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of connected email accounts. This allows you to receive all your emails in one place.

8. How to send mass mailing?

Funnela allows mass mailing email messages directly to multiple users. To send mass correspondence, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that there is a contact group created. It is a group to which you want to send your correspondence to. If you have no contacts on your system, import them into Funnela.

2. Go to the email view, create a new email message and switch to mass mailing („Show more fields” -> „Send mass mailing mode „).

3. Select from the address book („Display address book”) a group to which you want to send mass correspondence to, moving it to the „Email recipients” field.

4. Complete the subject, and the e-mail content and select „Send” button – the correspondence will be sent to all contacts from the selected group.

9. Why does it take so long to send mass mailings?

Sending mass mailings is deliberately slowed down – 1 email message comes out from the system every 70 seconds. During sending, the user can log off – it will not affect the email queue. Sending mass mailing also does not affect sending of a standard email – due to the fact that two separate mechanisms are involved.

Sending several mass mailings at the same time can slow down the entire operation, because the limit is still 1 email message (from the random mass mailings) per 70 seconds.

10. Why is there no option to manually download e-mail with an option “Check email”?

Theoretically it would be possible to add to Funnela „Check email” option, but this mechanism would not operate asynchronously, and could only instruct the email operating system that in the nearest 10-second cycle the system must serve specific email box (email boxes).

The email box can be polled as often as every 30 seconds, then assuming that the time to check for and download email is <10 seconds, it gives an average saving of 10 seconds. From log analysis, we know that, the email servers very often slow down the whole process. Often, after 30 seconds, the server cannot be polled again because the previous checking / downloading is not completed yet.

On-line systems usually have only the view refresh button on browser (e.g. Gmail). In Funnela you can refresh by clicking on any folder, for example „Inbox”.

11. How to add a graphic footer to the message?

There are three ways to insert graphics into the footer. Each of these methods requires switching on the default sending emails option in HTML („Settings” -> „Preferences”).

1. The best way is to insert HTML tags with an image located on an external server, to message footer, e.g.: <img src = „” />

2. A bit more flexible option, but this one requires an extra click – Templates – as described in section 1 – an image is located on the external server, but HTML code is not located in the footer (the footer is empty), it is located in the template email. More about templates can be read in the article Unfortunately, it requires selecting a template each time.

3. The template with an image as an attachment – enclose an image to a template and insert it into the text. This solution is not recommended, because it requires sending the image each time. This generates unnecessary transfer to all involved servers (Funnela servers, SMTP sender, and POP3 / IMAP recipient).

12. How to read the message ID?

When solving problems with the email box we often require the message identifier which determines the problem. To read the message ID:

  1. View the message details by clicking the square button on the right part of the message header
  2. Display the message headers
  3. Read the identifier in the Message-ID field

13. How to block unwanted messages (SPAM)?

The algorithm which recognizes a spam in Funnela is a learning algorithm. The more messages with similar content we classify as spam, the greater possibility that the next will be automatically classified as spam. The essential requirement is to manually classify a certain number of emails. Additionally, you can change the sensitivity of the algorithm in Preferences in Settings.

The white list of addresses is carried out by the address book, if email is in the recipient address book, the message will not be considered as a spam.

A blacklist can be created using automator. You need to give a list of email addresses or their fragments- this is a condition in automator. The conditions should be combined with „optional”. As a job to do for automator, choose an option to move messages to the spam folder.

14. How to create a template?

To create a template, go to the Email module, and then click on the icon Templates and select „Create new template from the current message”. The text that was used in the message will be saved as a template.

15. How to answer to a message using a predefined template?

To do this, follow the same as when creating a template. Open the message, and then select „Respond”. On the „Templates” list search for a predefined template. When you click on it, it will be automatically inserted in the message which we are responding to.


If tips don’t resolve your problem, please contact us!