1. What operating system is required?

Any kind of system. Funnela is an application that is used via a web browser. No matter whether it will be Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

2. Which web browsers support Funnela?

Below is a table of browsers which support Funnela.

3. Is the application on my company server or yours?

The application is on our server and is provided as a service (the so-called SaaS – Software as a Service). It frees the client from the need to take care of the technical infrastructure, it enables the distribution of costs and guarantees always an up-to-date version of the software without the need of manual installation of patches or updates.

4. I forgot my password – how to recover it?

You can recover your password using the „forgot your password?” link on the login page. When you select the button, you will see further instructions.

5. I get the message ``all licenses are in use``

This message means that there is already as many logged-in users as the selected tariff plan provides for. To enable a bigger number of users to log in to the system, the tariff plan has to be changed adequately in the client’s panel using the „My plan” option.

6. What forms of payment are available?

Transfer – at the beginning of each settlement period, a VAT invoice will be issued within a 14-day payment date. The invoice has to be paid to the individual bank account number that is specified in this invoice.

PayPal Subscription – resources will be automatically transferred from your PayPal account at the beginning of each settlement period. Immediately after the transfer of the resources an invoice will be issued.

7. How to report errors in the operation of the service?

Send us an e-mail to with a full description of a problem. A description should include:

Account name and the name of the user of the service

Full information concerning the web browser used and the operating system:

Manufacturer and version

Estimated time of the problem occurrence

A description of actions which led to the error occurrence presented as precisely as possible

Error description in one of the following forms:

The exact content of the error message that occurred

The exact description of the expected operation of the application that did not take place

The exact description of the application behaviour that should not take place

Supplementing the description with screenshots or a video is welcome.

8. How to cancel the service?

To cancel the service you have to delete your account. An account can be deleted in the Client Panel (with an immediate effect) or by sending a letter to our correspondence address (the account will be deleted within 7 days from receipt of your letter).

9. How does the 30-day trial period work?

If you cancel the service within 30 days from creating your account, no fee will be charged. Within this period of time, you may cancel the service without giving reasons. We do not charge any additional fees for the cancellation of the service.

10. Can I cancel the service at any time?

Yes. The cancellation is free of charge and you may do it at any time.

11. Can I change the plan at any time?

Yes. At any time you may change your plan to a different one without any additional fees. The change of the plan results in reducing the current settlement period. The previous invoice will be appropriately adjusted.

12. How are the payments calculated?

The payments will be calculated for each settlement period begun (with a standard duration of one month, but we can prepare a different one for you) of using the application. You don’t have to declare a long-term period in which you plan to use Funnela. If you cancel the service at any time after 30 days, you will pay only for the current settlement month and never again.

13. How can I make the payments?

You can pay for the service both via classic bank transfer and PayPal system. You can choose the form of payment while choosing a tariff plan.

14. Can I perform data export?

We are aware of the fact that data entered into Funnela are valuable. We have met our clients’ expectations who, despite our safeguards, want also to back up their data on a tangible device and safely deposit it in a safe. Currently, data export is available from the following modules: Contacts, Calendar, Sales and Tasks. Data can be exported into two file formats: CSV and JSON.

CSV file format is friendlier for a user – a file can be opened in e.g. a spreadsheet (e.g. Apache OpenOffice), but because of its non-complex structure, not all data can be included. Funnela saves CSV files using UTF8 encoding with a comma as a separator.

JSON file format (JavaScript Object Notation) is more complex. Using data contained in this file may require a programming knowledge. However, the complexity of this file format enables the export of all data from a module. Funnela  saves the JSON files using UTF8 encoding.

The export option is available in the settings. To use the functions described, you need administrator privileges. Due to the time of the process and the size of result files, we can export your mail on request.

15. Does each user in the company have his/her own username and password?

Yes. Each user has his/her own login and password within a single company account. The name of the company account is in the address before (

16. Images in an e-mail received in Funnela are of lower quality.

If you use Funnela via mobile Internet, it may happen that displayed images will be of lower quality. This is because many operators modifies the transferred images in order to reduce data transfer. Using the encrypted connection will solve the problem.

17. How can I change the currently used plan to another one?

You can change the currently used plan in the Client’s Panel tab available at: Client’s Panel Funnela CRM system. After logging in, you need to move to the My Plan tab and make the change there. You can also get to the client’s Panel directly from the Funnela system – just click on the “Client’s Panel” tab in the upper right corner. The user will automatically be redirected to the page described above.


If tips don’t resolve your problem, please contact us!