1. Where can I change the seller details?

To change the seller details you must be logged in with administrator privileges. Seller data management option you will find in settings in „Seller” option. In the same place, you can change the logo placed on the invoice.

2. What are the categories?

Categories have several uses:

1. They are used for sorting documents by type, e.g. VAT invoice, offers, adjustments, etc.

2. They are used for sorting documents according to seller details. If you issue invoices with various seller data (including the logo and the account number), it is necessary that each subject has a separate category.

3. It can be used to conduct two parallel numbering of the same types documents

(e.g. Invoices) within the same company. A good example of such event is when the company provides two types of services and wants to issue 2 invoices under independent numbers. Of course numbering must have a different pattern e.g. different letter at the end (beginning) of the number. At the same time for each of the services you can use a different logo and account number by defining additional seller data that differ only in the two details.

4. Like in other modules, the sharing mechanism is based on them.

5. Each category imposes certain default settings for new documents: the payment deadline and the comments details. These settings can be modified during creating / editing a document.

3. How to define the dictionary of products?

The dictionary of products makes inputting the listing of documents easier. It allows you to define products (or services) which will be suggested during edition of a document. To change the content of the dictionary of products you need to be logged in with the administrator privileges. Dictionary management option can be found in settings, under „Products”.

4. Who has access to the module Invoices?

Only administrator has the access to the module Invoices. Administrator can share with other users categories of invoices with the options read and edit (if the user received such access rights). When the user is not assigned to any invoice category, the module automatically does not appear on the user’s list in the system.


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