1. Log in to Funnela system

Log in to Funnela using your login and password as entered in sign up process.
Your account address:


where account name is a name which was entered in the registration process – probably the name of your company.

NOTE: Remember that your account doesn’t address begins with www

2. Add user to the company

If you want to add an user to your company, please enter in “Settings” and then click the option “Users”.

After clicking the button “Add user” you will see the new window, in which you should defined details of new user as login, personal data, password, rights which he will have in the system and linked mail boxes to which he will have access.

3.Import your contacts

Each user can import his own contacts . To make it follow the steps below:

a) Choose “Contacts” module from main menu of application (blue bar)

b) Choose “New Group” button from the second level of the main menu button

c) Enter the name of the new group and press “OK”

d) Choose “Settings” menu in upper right corner of the screen

e) Choose from menu “Import contacts from CSV”

f) Select the file to import, choose its encoding and amount of lines which will be a header. You should also select a target group for imported contacts.

g) Funnela try to recognize columns’ types in your files and suggest adequate types of data. In the column “Header/samples” you will see some example from your file which let you appraise if the adequate type of data for the columns have been chosen.

h) After matching types of data for files column, select “Finish import” button which you find at the end of the table. Contacts will be imported.

i) Close settings window (“X” in upper right corner of the settings window)

4.Share information and sources

To share selected information you need at least two people:

sharing person – that is a person who provides selected information with other users

connect person – that is a person who wants to have an access to previously shared data

The rule of sharing information works the same as in any of the application modules – “Contacts” can be presented as an example, having in mind that the rule is the same in other modules.

Contacts stored in Funnela system you can divided in two groups:

my groups

shared groups

If you want to share contact’s database stored in option “my groups” you should click right mouse button on the interesting position and from the context menu select “Share”. Next you can define who you want to share selected information and which rights he will have (read/save).

Shared groups – to add selected sources, you should first choose the group and adequate user. After marking on the list interested user, you can select elements which you need.

Using the same rule you can share: calendars, group tasks, selling group, folders and reports.

5. Adding an event in the calendar

You have two ways to make an event in calendar in the Funnela system:

First – Enter to the “Calendar” module and select “New event” which is in the upper left corner. In new window you can define all needed elements of the event (duration, associated person, a description of the event, defined field).

Second – Find in the calendar interesting date, click it with the right mouse button and from the context menu select “add event”. Defining of the event is the same as in first way.

6. Adding task

If you want to add a new task, you should enter to the “Tasks” module in the Funnela system and then in the upper left corner select the option “New task”. In the new window, which will appear, you can define description of the task, term of the realization, responsible person, etc.

A new task you can also add in the “Calendar” module, using the second way described above – from the context menu you should select option “Add new task”.

7. Create deals

To create a deal in the Funnela system, please enter to the “Deals” module and from the upper left menu select option “New deal”. Then you can define new deal – client, value of sale, step of the sale, expire date, responsible person, description, number of order and other own field.

8. Create report

To generate a report in the “Report” module you should click an option “New report” an follow the steps described below:

1. Enter the name of the report

2. On the reports’ list will appear a report with a name previously defined. You should mark it and use the option “New diagram”

3. In the window “Edit diagram” you have a range of possibilities of personalizing report: diagram’s title, data’s template, chart type, color and size. Depends on selected data’s template you have available additional settings: sort direction, clients limit, products limit, currency, contacts’ groups, width of the interval. The size of the diagram is defined as a marking adequate amount of squares – marked squares mean the size of the diagram.

9. Prepare invoice

To prepare new invoice you should in the “Invoice” module select option “New document” in the upper left corner. In new window you can fill document with a data of client.

10. Add e-mail account

Add new e-mail account

Administrator can add new e-mail accounts and attach them to particular users. To this end, follow these steps:

a) Choose “Settings” menu in upper right corner of the screen

b) Choose “Mail accounts” menu

c) Choose “Add new account” button

d) Fill all fields – type general information and both incoming and outgoing email server. It’s the same information, which you have to type while configuring popular e-mail applications like Outlook Express or TheBat!

e) Choose “Save” button

f) Close settings window ( “X” in upper right corner of the settings window)

Personalize e-mail account

a) Choose “Settings” menu in upper right corner of the screen

b) Choose “My accounts” menu

c) Pick an account to personalize and choose “Edit” link

d)Fill sender description field – it’s description which is shown to your e-mail’s recipient in column “From” or “Sender”

e) We strongly recommended to leave field “Sender address” unchanged!

f) Fill your signature – it will be displayed under all your messages

g) Choose “Save” button

h) Close settings window ( “X” in upper right corner of the settings window)


If tips don’t resolve your problem, please contact us!