1. Are my data safe?

We realize how valuable are our clients’ data and we take the issue of safety very seriously.

We create back-up copies of our clients’ data every day and we perform  data restoration tests regularly

All users’ passwords are encrypted in a database  – in case of data leak they are useless for third parties

users’ passwords are encrypted with one way hashing function with the so-called “salt”, therefore it is practically impossible to either decipher or even crack them by means of the so-called “rainbow tables”

passwords to the external e-mail accounts are encrypted with a safe algorithm

each client has a separate, private database – “data leak” between different clients’ databases is impossible

only one person in our company knows the password to databases and the server – it is impossible that this information would leak from the company

In addition, paid accounts can connect via SSL protocol – that is, a safe communication protocol; it works in a similar way as banks and online payments.

2. What does ``Improved Safety`` mean?

This option means that it is possible to work with the application using an encrypted, safe SSL connection. A free account connects with our server via a standard, unencrypted internet connection.

3. How to use the application via a secure SSL connection?

To use Funnela through a safe SSL connection, you need to select the option “Use secure SSL connection” before you log in.


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