1. How to define the Sales module?

The „Sales” module allows people who use it, the effective and efficient management of the various stages of sales in the company. It has a number of features which greatly affect the work comfort – the ability to categorize sales groups and stages of individual sales projects. You can also attach files (documents) under the tab of individual client. To sum up: Sales module offers complete control over the sales process, taking into account the ease in finding and grouping information.

2. Is it possible to modify the stages of sale process?

You can change the names of all the stages, add and remove new stages, and change their order – with the exception of the first stage („Lead”) and the last two („Achieved” and „Not achieved”). These changes can be made in „Settings” -> „Sales Stages”.

3. How to change the current stage of a sale?

To do this, go to the bookmark „Sales” and find the sale, you want to edit. In the window on the right you will be able to quickly change the current stage of the sale. If you want to edit more details, click „Edit”. A window will appear where you can change the stage, the contractor, the value of sales, the group, the person in charge and also add / change the description.


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