1. What is the Tasks module?

Tasks that you may post using this module can have deadlines. In addition, any user who has the appropriate permissions can monitor the status of the selected task.

2. Is it possible to filter the tasks?

Yes, the filters panel can be found on the side list in the module „Tasks”. You can view the finished, unfinished, or all tasks. You can also screen them out using attribute „Person in charge”.

3. How to create a task for another user?

You must go the bookmark Tasks and open „New Task”. In the window that appears you can assign the task to a particular user (person in charge).

4. How to plan an event connected with the task?

To do this, go to „Tasks”. On the list find the task that interests you. When you click „Edit”, you will be able to create a Related Events. To do this, click „Add New Event”.

5. How to mark a task as done and undone?

To do this, go to the module „Tasks”. On the list find the task that interests you. On the right side you will see a window in which you can make the appropriate changes in order to perform the task. To see a list of completed tasks and to change their status, use the filter “Completed” in the field „Show Tasks”. In the window on the right, click on „Edit” and unmark option „Completed”.


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